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Cube SM5 / SM7

The cube is the ideal accessory unit for the keypad SM-5 or keypad SM-7. Hereby all important manipulating functions are handheld. The resolution can be selected collaterally to the keypad, where as traversing velocities of 0,25mm up to 1 micrometer per revolution are selectable.
In this case the cube adopts the given settings from the keypad SM-5 / SM-7. By using the cube when several manipulators are controlled by one keypad, it is possible to select the activated manipulator independently of the
keypad SM-5 / SM-7 .
A display on the cube shows which manipulator is currently activated. In practice this function permits the simultaneous control of several manipulators.

* Up to two cubes can be connected to one keypad
* Free choice of the active device / unit
* Setting of the handwheel resolution by using the high/standard/low keys
* Activation of a fourth (Z1/Z2) axis (e.g. LN Unit 4MRE)

Step-Function: (Only at cube SM-5)
The manipulator moves by pressing the direction keys with
the preset step-distance and a preset step-speed

C-Mode: (Only at Cube SM-7)
The velocity is dependent on the movement of the handwheel (Proportional Mode)

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